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Roof repair vs. roof replacement – Things a homeowner should consider.

If you have a defective roof and are one of those homeowners wondering whether to repair or reinstall the roof, here are few things that you need to consider before making the final decision. We are listing down five decision-making factors that you must consider before making the big decision.


If you have the money to replace your roof then it is always better to rule out a repair. However, if you are on a tighter budget then you could always talk to your roofer and know the options of roofing supplies that can lower your expenses. We offer some highly durable roofing supplies that are reasonably priced. You could have a word about it with your roofer while discussing the project estimate.

Long term relief

You may consider a roof replacement depending on whether your roofing repair is a minor or a major roofing repair and figure out which option gets you a long term relief. That ensures you avoid the hassle of getting the roofing repair done over and over again.


You need to focus on a roofing project thoroughly to ensure that you are safe and also the people working on your roofing project are. Ask for a certificate of insurance from the roofer for all the employees and sub-contractors that the roofer intends to deploy on your project.


Be informed and educated about the roofing supplies that your roofer plans to use and also whether his workmanship is covered under warranty. The advantage of such warranty is that if the roofer does a wrong installation, you could get it fixed for free.

Adds resale value to your house

If you have been putting behind a roof replacement considering it to be a waste of money then that is not the right way to look at it. Your home is you biggest investment and a roof replacement only adds value to this investment of yours.

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